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Clotilde Thèry, Héctor Peinado y María Mayán analizan el futuro de las terapias para la enfermedad: «Si queremos curar el cáncer hay que invertir más en investigación» @ContraCancerAC @ACIS_sergas @CICAUDC @ScienceXpress @institut_curie @hps2002

Everything ready for the next @ScienceXpress 🤩

See you on Wednesday at @CICAUDC🚀

#EVs #ImmuneResponses #Cancer #Connexins

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▶️Clotilde Thèry @institut_curie @IsevComms @IsevOrg
▶️@hps2002 @CNIOStopCancer
▶️@elena_pazosch @CICAUDC

We start the #ConnexinResearchDay2022 at @GCUSHLS @CaledonianNews with Prof Sheila Graham and @Trisha_CxGCU 🙌🏻

So glad to participate as Keynote and see many friends and colleagues in this exciting field

#STEM #DisseminatingResearch #Connexins


Brilliant keynote talk by @MariaDMayan here at the Glasgow Connexin Research Day hosted by GCU. Exciting prospects for cancer therapies and connexin research.

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