Nanobody-based pannexin1 channel inhibitors reduce inflammation in acute liver injury.

The opening of pannexin1 channels is considered as a key event in inflammation. Pannexin1 channel-mediated release of adenosine triphosphate triggers inflammasome signaling and activation of immune cells. By doing so, pannexin1 channels play an important role in several inflammatory diseases. Although pannexin1 channel inhibition could represent a novel clinical strategy for treatment of inflammatory disorders, therapeutic pannexin1 channel targeting is impeded by the lack of specific, potent and/or in vivo-applicable inhibitors. The goal of this study is to generate nanobody-based inhibitors of pannexin1 channels.

  • Authors: Raf Van Campenhout, Thimo W. M. De Groof, Prashant Kadam, Brenda R. Kwak, Serge Muyldermans, Nick Devoogdt and Mathieu Vinken.
  • Journal: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 21: 371.

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