Assessment of Connexin43 Hemichannel Functionality Based on Cytosolic Uptake of Yo-Pro1.

Connexin proteins are the building blocks of gap junctions and connexin hemichannels. Both provide a pathway for cellular communication. Gap junctions support intercellular communication mechanisms and regulate homeostasis. In contrast, open connexin hemichannels connect the intracellular compartment and the extracellular environment, and their activation fuels inflammation and cell death. The development of clinically applicable connexin hemichannel blockers for therapeutic purposes is therefore gaining momentum. This chapter describes a well-established protocol optimized for assessing connexin hemichannel activity by using the reporter dye Yo-Pro1.

  • Authors: Raf Van Campenhout, Julen Sanz-Serrano, Axelle Cooreman, Yannick De Vlaeminck, Karine Breckpot, Prashant Kadam, Andrés Tabernilla and Mathieu Vinken.
  • Journal: Methods in Molecular Biology 2801: 75-85.

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